History of our club

Sinds took up rowing, the founder of our club, Charles Henri Dallemagne, always thought about starting a new club, more modern, younger, more “fun” in Belgium. When in 1997, the juniors he trained in another club wanted a better infrastructure, more “cool”, more flexible, matching young rowers demands, the idea was back. That year then, an experienced rower, a bunch of young rowers supported by dedicated adults (J-C Marchal, Josiane Stradiot and E. Van Cleemput) started the club

The name? Submitted to the young guys with the only demand to start with an “a”, the pseudo of a French rap singer came straight away up : “Akhenaton” of the group ‘I am”! After that “Roei” for rowing and “School” to underline that we teach rowing, comes naturally to complete the name, like a famous London rowing club.

The only problem was “where to locate the club”. After some trials hiring boat garages here and there, having tried to team up with a club in Ghent, where we still put back on tracks a rowing activity at the University, the club finds a temporary agreement in Grimbergen. The project for a new building is still on. In 2004, we set up a introductions to the sport program back and we introduce “surfrowing / surfboat”, this famous Australian discipline, in Belgium.

If you are interested in rowing with us, learning how to row, or join our teams, here you are, fill in the form and send it to us..