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Since he took up rowing, the founder of our club, Charles Henri Dallemagne, always thought about starting a new club, more modern, younger, more “fun” in Belgium. When in 1997, the juniors he trained in another club wanted a better infrastructure, more “cool”, more flexible, matching young rowers demands, the idea was back. That year then, an experienced rower, a bunch of young rowers supported by dedicated adults (J-C Marchal, Josiane Stradiot and E. Van Cleemput) started the club.



Since time immemorial, men have sailed the waters ways, rivers or the sea. For centuries the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Phoenicians used the arm strength to move their boats before using the wind. The Phoenicians were using silk cushions in order not only to use arms only but combining is with legs. But even if the ancients considered an honor to row their boats and triremes, it quickly became a galley slave task. Sails and sailing use put an end to that slavery.



The sport is born as a way of rescuing on Australian beaches in the early 20th century. This rescue way is now replaced by mechanical means, but it is still a sport practiced and a category competed at the beach sports “Olympics” in Australia.



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By Thibald
rowing taught me to do sport a real way. So far, I was doing some sport but without real commitment, just for the fun. With rowing and Akhenaton,...
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By Stefen
I started rowing in another club and came to Akhenaton by pure chance, I live next door. Thanks to the encouragements of the coach and the good a...
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By Happy Mother
In the beginning it was his grand mother’s idea, and he did not catch the big part of challenge rowing includes, but when our son decided to go f...
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By Pascale
I discovered this sport and the club through my sister and to be honest, I thought it was for complete athletes, a gruelling sport, made of sweat...
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By Veronica
When I took up rowing, I was actually looking for a watersport that was not too far from my home. Although I was not young anymore, I was surpris...
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By School Manager
Each year we organise a day “discovering a sport” and every year we propose the “sport of rowing”. It’s always a big success for our kids. They e...
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By Josiane
Our sun discovered rowing with charles as a coach and it was a real lesson for life, it gave him a real sense of what to do to fight back, to do ...
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By John Cavendish
I “stranded” in Brussels and I was looking for a club. I came from a very well-known university college club and rowing had only a few secrets le...
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By Marc
this is one of my friend projects, but Akhenaton is a real new project, thanks to the experience of the past, this club have something special, n...
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